Tuesday, July 16, 2013

With State of Decay selling over 700.000 times on Xbox live it is one of the fastest selling games on Xbox ever. This blog is about exploring why, and what's next for this series, and why it just might be Microsoft's trojan horse for the upcoming Xbox One.

Sometimes a game's succes is pretty predictable. A briljant developer, a technical marvel, or just a really clever marketing campaign. Or all of these. But not with State of Decay. A first game from an unknown developer that's ful of technical issues that has an average score on Metacritic of just 78. As far as marketing goes, there was nothing special done either. On top of that was the release of some zombiegame called "the Last of Us", stealing quite a bit of it's thunder. 

So how come that despite all this State of Decay is such a succes? The answer i think is originality and death.

Zombies have invaded the gamingworld in recent years, in virtually every genre. From tower defense games, shooters, puzzlers, you name it. But a sandbox game was never really done before. Most games just want you to shoot the zombies, but here it's not so simple. You have a community to protect, morale to keep up, expand your base and bring in new survivors. But you can't do them all at once. Help an ally, or continue a story mission? Build beds for all your people or a proper medical centre? Your choices will have consequences that can be quit severe. 

Permanent death is one of the most talked about features of State of Decay. Sure other videogames let characters die, but you will probably start over again with the same character. Not here. Dead is dead. Oh, you spend 8 hours leveling up Marcus Campbell? Dead. Gone. Pushing up the daisies. It brings a real sense of urgency to the game, that has been missing from videogames since the incredible difficulty levels of the 8/16 bit generation.

A zombiegame should be about surviving, at that can only feel true when death is just around the corner, and it always is.

So just doing that one more mission might just get you that level up, new bunkhouse, more surviors, better morale, and bet you into that new better house. The combination is freakishly addictive and since the game runs a random scenario of you're survival after you quit, you can't help but to keep on playing. Mircrosoft struck gold with this. So.............what's next for State of Decay?

With such a huge succes it is likely that the decision to make a sequel has already been made.

Unable to add multiplayer to the current version because it would take over 9 months to program, it is unlikely we will see a multiplayer version on this generation of consoles. 

Role on Xbox One. 

At this point, State of Decay is only available as a download only. The Walking Dead game by Telltale eventually was a discbased version, but i'm guessing that's not going to happen here.

It is more likely that with extra manpower a revamped edition, both in performance and graphics is going to appear on Xbox One, including multiplayer. Dwonload only, of course.
It would be the perfect reason to buy an Xbox One with a gold account, having friends in other timezones to help you survive the zombieapocalypse.

And i probably would. And love every minute of it, until i die. Permanently. And start the game all over again.

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